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Helen’s ExecutiveCars is a local 24/7 private hire company which specialises in airport transfers, seaport destinations, horse and musical events as well as long distance journeys and thrives in making customers trips as stress free as possible.
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Who We Are

Helen’s Executive Travel was set up by local lady who was born and bred in Olney and whose father was the local milkman there for over 52 years. Helen started up Helen’s Cars nearly 5 years ago after having a conversation with a friend in a local shop about how much she had been charged in a taxi the previous evening for travelling just a short distance. This got Helen thinking about how she could provide a reasonably priced taxi service for the people in the local community that she grew up in.

Hence Helen’s Cars was born and from day one the company has gone from strength to strength and growing by the day and strives to maintain this high standard of service on a daily basis.

The time has now come to expand the business even further and now offer the same exceptional 24/7 service in Executive Travel whilst still maintaining our usual high standard of service in making our customers’ trips as stress free as possible.


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